Thursday, April 24, 2008

April showers have brought us flowers!

So weather finally understood that its time for spring! Yipppiee. This is exactly what I am seeing right now as I type.

Ok! not the best picture but whatever.

Beauty is all around me. Trees turning from barren brown to purple, pink red and white with flowers. The concept of birds returning in spring that I was given by Disney cartoons finally makes sense. aaaahh!
I am so happy that its spring. Life changes so much. I lived in Lahore for all of my life and never did I experience such happiness to say good bye to winter.

Transition from being a Pakistani to US alien is not so easy. Weather bites , Cultural shock and Social awkwardness might sum up what exactly happens here, but u know what its not that simple.
I don't feel like going into much detail for now so I'll just say that the word "ALIEN" is how you may, literally, feel and end the topic here.

As I was saying spring is here!! I loved rain in Lahore and finally I like the rain here too. Spring rain is much more fun. I made "Pakoray" and "dahi barray". My whole apt smelled like food street and my smoke alarm wont shut up. Idiots. Maybe thats why having smoke alarms in our desi homes is a bad bad bad and super bad idea.
I feel like changing the name to "Desi food detector".

I think i have rambled enough. It has stopped raining and I should probably stop typing.

Time to share the things I am learning in this country.

Realization #1. I am a person first and then a woman!